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The History of Genealogy

History has a history and genealogy has a history. And the histories of both affect how and why we study the past and how we understand and view it. Today, we explore why it’s important for us to understand that the practices and processes of...

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How Genealogists Research

History tells us who we are and how we came to be who we are. Like history, genealogy studies people. It’s a field of study that can tell us who we are in a more exact sense by showing us how our ancestral lines connect from one generation to the...

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How Historians Publish History

What do historians do with their research once they finish writing about it? How do historians publish the books and articles we love to read? This episode of our Doing History: How Historians Work series, takes us behind-the-scenes of how...

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How to Organize Your Research

What do historians do with all of the information they collect when they research? How do they access their research in a way that allows them to find the information they need to write the books and articles we enjoy reading? Billy Smith, a...

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How to Research History Online

How do historians conduct research online? This is your second-most asked question after how did everyday people live their day-to-day lives in early America. As the Doing History series explores how historians work, it offers the perfect...

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The History of History Writing

Historians rely on secondary historical sources almost as much as they rely on primary historical sources. But what are secondary historical sources and how do they help historians know what they know about the past? Michael McDonnell, an Associate...

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What is a Historic Source

Historians research the past through historical sources. But what are the materials that tell historians about past peoples, places, and events? Today, James Horn, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation...

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